ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme

The ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme is independently audited by a third party which is accredited under JAS-ANZ to International Standards ISO/IEC Guide 17065.

The ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme can help improve on-farm efficiency and ensure farmers produce healthier livestock, and therefore become more profitable. Food safety, traceability and quality assurance drives our ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme to help our farmers manage and achieve the approved high standards through checking  farms, identifying animal health issues and record keeping.

The ANZCO Farm Assurance Programme has requirements in four main areas, each of which is verified as part of the accreditation and auditing process:

1. Food safety – food products must be free from dangers arising from biological, chemical and physical hazards. There are mandated requirements in NZ, which the ANZCO Farm QA programme exceeds.

2. Animal welfare – livestock are expected to have been raised in farming systems ensuring the five freedoms:

  • Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
  • The provision of appropriate comfort and shade
  • The prevention and/or rapid diagnosis and treatment of injury, disease or infection
  • Freedom from distress
  • The opportunity to display normal patterns of behaviour

NZ has national animal welfare standards which are included and exceeded within the ANZCO Farm QA programme.

3. Environmental sustainability – livestock are expected to be raised in farm systems which are sustainable. NZ has national and regional standards for water quality and nutrient management.

4. Traceability – livestock must be able to be traced from the retail outlet right back through all stages of their lives to birth. This is mandatory in NZ.

ISO/IEC Guide 17065

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