From our lush green environment and temperate climate, New Zealand has a well deserved reputation for producing some of the world’s finest beef.

ANZCO beef is versatile, nutritious and quite simply the best. Highly sought-after for its full flavour and fine texture, our beef is naturally high in ingredients essential to healthy living (Vitamin B, Omega 3 and Zinc).

Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed Beef

On world markets, sustainably farmed free-range, grass-fed beef is a key point of difference.

The majority of beef available in New Zealand is grass-fed, due to our country's extensive pastures and favourable climate - factors that set us apart.

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Grain-finished Beef

Grain-fed Beef

ANZCO has carved a real niche for its grain-finished beef which is consistently juicy, tender and melts in the mouth.

To create this premium product, hand-selected cattle are raised on nutritionally rich pastures for 18 months before being finished in the stress-free environment of the feedlot.

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