Riverlands Angus


From the traditional farming regions of the North Island's Taranaki, Manawatu and East Coast, our cattle graze free-range on fertile lush pastures. Reared to a maximum of 30 months, only the best animals are hand selected for Riverlands Angus.

Riverlands Angus - A legacy you can trust
For you this means beef that is naturally marbled, fine textured, flavoursome and nutritious. To further enhance the eating experience Riverlands Angus is then naturally ages in a controlled environment en route to you. This gives it distinctive qualities including unrivalled flavour and consistent tenderness. 

The culinary marketplace is a competitive and dynamic environment. Setting the trend means consistently delivering food that has the power to impress and to satisfy. Grass-fed beef is lean, low in cholesterol and trans fats whilst being naturally rich in nutrients, including proteins, iron, zinc and B vitamins. Riverlands Angus guarantees a year-round supply, so a comprehensive range of premium cuts are always available.


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