Iain Boyd

Head of ICT

The meat industry attracts great people and I really enjoy collaborating with them. I've had some great opportunities at ANZCO and enjoy being able to be involved in different areas of the business.

I joined ANZCO in 2016 as Business Systems Manager and in 2019 I was promoted to Head of ICT, responsible for leading the development, execution and ongoing support of technology solutions and initiatives that drive ANZCO’s strategic direction.

I’ve been fortunate in my time at ANZCO to have opportunities to be challenged in my job but also to have ANZCO’s support in my professional development. That has included internal leadership and management courses as well as being able to attend IT industry forums and conferences with some of the household names of technology.

In my role I’ve been able to work on solving a variety of business problems. No two days are the same in my job, I do everything from wearing suits and presenting in our boardroom through to wearing whites and gumboots and helping with technology on our processing floor. I really enjoy spending time out in the business and understanding what people are working on, what’s important to them and what challenges and opportunities they have that ICT technology can help with.