John Isameala

Beef Slaughter Supervisor

I enjoy developing the younger generation and providing them with opportunities and giving them responsibilities to become better, greater in their everyday lives as well as helping them find a purpose in life.

I started working as a beef grader at ANZCO Foods in 2009.  I learnt a number of roles in the beef area giving me a good understanding of the range of positions.  In 2016 the opportunity of becoming a night-shift supervisor came up.

Key opportunities have included completing NZQA standards, taking on additional responsibilities, visiting other ANZCO sites training up-and-coming graders and learning about compliance and new procedures.

I love my shift (nights), the people, the unity and the support from my workers, colleagues and management. I’ve enjoyed being able to pass on my knowledge and help develop my team and jumping on the line and working alongside them makes me very passionate about my job.

I work very closely with our production manager on ways we can improve, develop and create better systems, safer environment and multi-skill workers for the benefit of them and the wider industry. It’s all about maximising gains and keeping customers happy.

I’m all about the people; being the bridge between management and my workers. Afterall without workers, there’s no production, no customers, no jobs. Happy workers give us a happy industry and happy customers. This is all about learning from mistakes and taking ownership.