ANZCO Foods CEO update - September 2022

Posted on Friday, 16 September 2022

Foot and Mouth Disease has been a hot topic at a range of industry forums I’ve attended recently. New Zealand has very strong biosecurity practices, including at the border, but the recent outbreak in Indonesia is a timely reminder of the impact FMD could have on our whole sector. The NAIT system is a key part of the country’s response. Using it correctly at all times will help the country to quickly and efficiently track stock movements to limit the damage an outbreak could have. Here’s some information on FMD from the Meat Industry Association with supporting material from the Ministry for Primary Industries.

On-farm health and safety is another topic regularly discussed at industry forums, and again, responding quickly can make a big difference when accidents do occur. I’m pleased to announce that ANZCO Foods has formalised its relationship with the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust. The Trust provides a lifeline for people in rural communities and those who work and play in rugged rural environments where the speed of a rescue helicopter can make all the difference in saving lives. The Trust carries out more than 1,000 rescues a year and is supported by fundraising and volunteers. We continue to support the ANZCO ambulance that is carrying out good work in the mid-Canterbury community, and through our Helping Make Ends Meat programme we recently donated seven pallets of mince to foodbanks in the North and South Islands. These examples are just some of the ways we support the wellbeing and good health of our communities.

I hope you’ve had a good start to spring.

Peter Conley
ANZCO Foods Chief Executive

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