Greenstone Creek claims gold on world stage

Posted on Tuesday, 1 February 2022

The team behind ANZCO Foods’ Greenstone Creek have a clear mission - deliver a range of premium New Zealand hand-selected beef that sets a new standard for quality and taste for Kiwis to enjoy.

Well, mission accomplished! At the recent World Steak Challenge (WSC), held in Dublin, Greenstone Creek’s ribeye was recognised with a gold medal by a panel of independent judges. For Rick Walker, ANZCO Foods’ GM Sales and Marketing, it’s a testament to the “special qualities of this premium product”, not to mention the tireless efforts of the team responsible for its production.

Based at our Eltham plant in Taranaki, a team of Master Graders ensure only the very best goes into a Greenstone Creek bag. The process is a rigorous one, with each cut being hand-selected then aged for 21 days, ensuring exquisite tenderness and beautiful marbling.

The annual WSC is the first event in the world which gives steak producers and suppliers a genuine platform to showcase product quality, breed credentials and processing standards. It’s also an important platform to promote the benefits of eating sustainably sourced steak.

Since its inception in 2015, the WSC has tasted, tested, and scored more than 1,000 steaks. Today, the awards are recognised as a stamp of quality and a global benchmark for steak production.

Greenstone Creek is only available in New Zealand and can be enjoyed at 23 carefully selected restaurants throughout the country. Seven of those exclusive eateries were included in the Top 72 of The Cuisine Good Food Awards’ best restaurants, including The Bistro Taupo, Charley Noble, Floriditas, Hippopotamus, Meat and Liquor Steakhouse, Palate, and Titi St Clair.

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“The team of Master Graders ensures only the very best goes into a Greenstone Creek bag.”

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