Phil Hodgins

Head of Retail

I grew up on a farm in the Wairarapa and am passionate about the agricultural sector and the red meat industry. It is great to be able to take the hard work our farmers do in New Zealand every day and turn this into real value for them. I also love food, and I believe in the quality of the products ANZCO’s makes. I have a desire to delight my customers with those products and our service.

As Head of Retail in New Zealand, my team and I work on getting our beef and lamb products as well as value-add brands such as Angel Bay, into New Zealand supermarkets.

I’ve been at ANZCO for five years, starting in the ANZCO UK office just outside of London, as Key Account Manager for selected UK retailers.

Since starting with ANZCO I’ve really enjoyed seeing the company evolve from a traditional meat company to one that is market-led and focused on delivering what customers want. It’s exciting being a part of this change and being able to contribute in my own way. I’ve also enjoyed working with the people who have come into ANZCO from outside the meat industry and seeing the new perspectives they bring to their roles.