Empowering rural well-being

ANZCO Foods passionately supports the well-being of rural communities, contributing to industry prosperity through strategic initiatives. Committed to New Zealand's farming communities, we prioritise supporting organisations dedicated to their health and wellness.

Supporting rural schools

ANZCO Foods donates 50 cents for each processed cull cow and bobby calf, totalling over $1 million in the past eight years, including $117,000 to rural schools in 2019.

The 'Sponsor a School' program showcases ANZCO Foods' gratitude to dairy farmers, emphasising our commitment to supporting local rural schools and communities. Your support influences the extent of our school donations.

Contact your ANZCO Foods Livestock Representative for details on participating in this initiative.

St. John fundraising 

ANZCO Foods started a dollar-for-dollar matching fundraising pledge following the March terror attacks in Christchurch.  As well as donating an ambulance sporting ANZCO Food's name in Canterbury, ANZCO Foods has also provided the annual running costs for the service vehicle. 

ANZCO Foods young butcher competitions

ANZCO Foods prioritises the continual growth and advancement of our industry. This commitment is evident through our annual support for young butchers, where we sponsor the Butcher Apprentice and Young Butchers’ competition team in the prestigious New Zealand Butcher of the Year competition.

Caring for our communities

Over the past 12 months, ANZCO Foods has been involved in various sponsorship and fundraising initiatives, rallying behind incredible organisations that make a difference. We are proud to champion and support several remarkable causes: