Calves in 2023

Posted on Monday, 14 August 2023

For the 2023 calf season, ANZCO Foods is implementing a new system for requesting calf pick-ups. This replaces all existing ways people currently use to get calves picked up including a flag at the gate, phone calls, or text messages.

You will be able to request pick-ups via the ANZCO Livestock App (available from the Apple Store or Google Play Store), or via the ANZCO Foods Producer Portal website.

The existing methods are either very manual or don’t give us visibility of how many calves are coming to our plants. By being able to understand how many calves are coming in, we are better able to plan transport and staffing at the plants. On the rare occasions at the peak of the season that we don’t have enough capacity to process the demand in a day, we will fairly allocate capacity across our supplier base. This avoids compliance issues resulting from holding calves overnight at plant. We are aware of the additional capacity demands as a result of industry changes but we don’t anticipate that the supply will exceed capacity regularly because, as in previous years, we will limit the number of suppliers we take on.

Features for our suppliers:

  • Submit requests for calf tallies a day before pick-up
  • App users will get reminders to book
  • We’ll let you know your confirmed numbers on the Portal or by notification if you use the App
  • All requests taken into account and capacity will be shared out by Livestock reps across suppliers
  • Reporting to assist with auditing
  • Visibility of your calf processing information

If you have any questions about using the app or ANZCO Livestock Producer Portal, you can ring 0800 4ANZCO (0800 426926), available 24/7.

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