Josh Donaldson

Manufacturing Planner

There are constant changes and challenges; you get to think outside the box to get things done. I enjoy getting a satisfactory result.

I’m ANZCO’s Manufacturing Planner, aligning production at our two manufacturing sites – Waitara and Green Island – with customer requirements.

I’ve been at ANZCO for around 15 years, starting at Green Island looking after electronic documentation and weekly ordering of ingredients. From there I progressed into sales, logistics, customer and supplier management, production scheduling and long-term raw materials forecasts and purchasing. I helped Waitara with product procurement before transferring to Corporate Office and moving into my current role.

There have been several times in my career where I’ve seen a gap and I’ve stepped up to a role or activity outside my usual role. I have jumped at these opportunities to help and to understand other roles and responsibilities within the business. It’s useful to have a broad understanding of other roles and functions, and it’s helped me grow as a person and in my career.

Since moving to Corporate Office I’ve had even more exposure to how the wider businesses interact which will further drive my growth. I have enjoyed seeing the implementation of several automation projects and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) projects. I think there is much more EDI and automation to come, and it’s exciting and beneficial to those working here.

In my role I work with teams across the business including sales, logistics, finance and our manufacturing sites. I collaborate by having regular meetings with clear and understandable goals and targets, pulling in people with strengths to help where required.

I’m passionate about what I do. I want to succeed, to be the best I can be and to help grow the industry. I try to never say no and push to make things happen even when it appears impossible.