Advantage programme extends to beef

Posted on Sunday, 17 October 2021

When ANZCO set up the Advantage programme to lamb suppliers in January this year, it was an industry first. We wanted a way to recognise farmer loyalty and reward the behaviours we need to manage plant capacity and get stock when we need it to meet customer demand.

After 10 months, the programme is going from strength to strength; it’s driving the behaviours that help us run our business, and farmers involved are reaping their rewards.

The programme points are available for a range of items including things for the farm, things for the home, and things for your lifestyle. Those of you who’ve redeemed points are doing so across all three of these categories.

Our biggest points spend so far is $10,000 on fencing, first aid kits, and farm inputs. Other popular items are drones, appliances, clothing, fishing gear, and alcohol.

Initially, Advantage by ANZCO has been offered to lamb suppliers but because of how you’ve embraced it, we’ll be extending it next year to grass-fed natural beef suppliers who meet the market criteria (for example antibiotic-free). There’ll be more information to come on the beef programme shortly.

To find out more about Advantage by ANZCO Foods, you can check out the website: 

For those of you already involved in the programme, keep an eye out for your Advantage magazine this month – there’s news and views on a range of topics important to our industry.

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