Meat the Need – Big Feed Telethon on 14 December

Posted on Thursday, 16 November 2023

December’s event, The Big Feed, is gearing up once again with the goal of raising more than 1 million meals for families in need within rural communities. Building on the success of last year's telethon, which garnered support for 1.2 million meals, this year's edition promises even more excitement.

TV host Matt Chisholm and Meat the Need co-founder Wayne Langford will co-host the telethon, featuring challenges, celebrity appearances, and panel discussions. The event aims to shine a spotlight on farmers, processors, and foodbanks, with live broadcasts from various locations across the country.

Leading up to the telethon, individuals can participate by registering a fundraiser event or by becoming a business sponsor or supporter. On the event day, there will be multiple avenues for donations, including pledging livestock (sheep, beef, and deer) or contributing cash through the website, an 0800 number, or a designated text number for a $3 donation.

All donations will be transformed into essential food items like mince and milk, which will then be distributed to foodbanks throughout New Zealand. The urgency for such initiatives is underscored by a 165% increase in demand for foodbanks over the past three years, as reported by the New Zealand Food Network, the largest food support and distribution organisation in Aotearoa.

In addition to its charitable mission, Meat the Need and The Big Feed present a valuable opportunity for the sector to share positive stories with the wider public. Save the date for The Big Feed on 14 December. For more details, visit:

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