Write your Will with the Air Rescue Trust

Posted on Monday, 16 October 2023

Do you have a Will? Statistics show that only 50% of New Zealanders over 18 have a Will in place. Having a Will means things won’t be left to chance and gives you peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

If you haven’t got a Will in place, the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust invites you to use its free online will-writing platform. It’s a great opportunity to complete a Will for free and continue to have free updates for life. Writing a Will can save your loved ones emotional and financial stress during a difficult time, and you can also pledge a gift to a charitable cause that is close to you.

Creating a Will online only takes ten minutes, and you can create a life-changing legacy while taking care of people you love.

ANZCO Foods thanks the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust for allowing us to share this opportunity with you.

Legal Disclaimer:
The online Will-writing platform is being provided independent of ANZCO Foods and ANZCO Foods is not responsible for the content of any Will produced, or any advice given. 

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