ANZCO Foods grills the competition at World Steak Challenge

Posted on Saturday, 21 October 2023 under ANZCO Stories

ANZCO Foods enjoyed a very strong showing at the 2023 World Steak Challenge in Amsterdam, winning six gold and two silver medals, placing it among the best beef producers in the world.

This is the latest in a line of successful World Steak Challenges for ANZCO Foods, with the company winning gold medals in each of the last three years.

ANZCO Foods Ocean Beef received gold awards for its ribeye, sirloin, and fillet. Stony River Black Angus won gold for its ribeye and sirloin as well as silver for its fillet. Greenstone Creek won gold for its ribeye and silver for its sirloin.

“Winning eight medals across nine cuts submitted for judging is an exceptional result reflecting the hard work and commitment of our farmers and the expertise of our processing teams, that are both essential components of producing world-class beef,” says Rick Walker, General Manager Sales and Marketing at ANZCO Foods. “We’re extremely proud of this accomplishment and it is part of our goal to bring nutrition and good health to the world through New Zealand’s finest beef and lamb.”

The World Steak Challenge, now in its ninth year, allows steak producers and suppliers to showcase their product on the international stage. All steaks receive scores from a panel of more than 80 independent judges, and the top scoring steak will be awarded The World’s Best Steak at the awards ceremony in London on 13 November 2023. ANZCO Foods is eligible for World's Best Sirloin, World's Best Fillet, World's Best Ribeye, World's Best Grass-Fed, and World’s Best Steak which will all be announced at the awards next month.

ANZCO Foods Greenstone Creek is a premium grass-fed, hand-selected product, available in a selection of New Zealand’s top restaurants around New Zealand. A marble score of 4+ is a requirement for all steak cuts, which are then aged for 21 days to deliver the best eating experience. While this rigorous process restricts product availability, the focus on quality has earned the product the title of one of the best steaks in the world.

ANZCO Foods Ocean Beef is a premium grain-finished beef, raised and hand-selected on the east coast of the South Island. Ocean Beef guarantees the highest quality marbled beef with exceptional flavour and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness that results in a superior eating experience every time.

ANZCO Foods Stony River Black Angus is premium grass-fed beef raised on the pastures surrounding Mount Taranaki. There is a commitment to small-scale production, with the care and craftmanship that goes into every carton of Stony River Black Angus shining through in its top-quality flavour profile.

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