Reducing drench resistance in cattle trading farm systems

Posted on Tuesday, 1 February 2022

With drench resistance becoming more widespread in New Zealand, Ben Waipouri discusses effective quarantine drenching of stock and its benefits in trading farm systems.

Ben Waipouri, South Island Grazing Operations Manager at ANZCO Foods, met with Hamish Drennan, PGG Wrightson Key Account Manager and Jason Leslie, PGG Wrightson Technical Expert in Animal Production, to discuss effective quarantine drenching of stock and its benefits in trading farm systems. Ben’s objective was to minimise the risk of contaminating land being grazed by purchased yearling cattle. In discussion with Jason and Hamish, Ben wanted to understand the risk of bringing worms on-farm when purchasing cattle from multiple properties that potentially have drench resistance. The most commonly used cattle drenches in New Zealand are from drench families that have been used for a long time. While drench resistance incidence in cattle has not been recently measured in this country, widespread resistance in Cooperia worms to the mectin family of drenches exists. Some farms have also formed resistance to multiple families of drenches in the highly pathogenic Ostertagia worms.

With an understanding of the worm lifecycle, and how it can be managed within his farm system, Ben chose Zolvix™ Plus to manage worm burden. A newly registered cattle drench, containing a novel drench family with the chemical monepantel, Zolvix™ Plus is an effective quarantine drench, due to the chances of worms being previously exposed to this chemical group highly unlikely. This product will help control multi-strain resistant Ostertagia worms, the most troublesome worm in the class of stock being purchased by Ben. An oral drench, Zolvix™ Plus requires more work to administer but its effectiveness and route of administration make it worthwhile.

Since administrating Zolvix™ Plus, Ben has noticed growth rates close to 2kg liveweight gain per day. This indicates the nutrition given to the yearling cattle is high quality and the worm challenge on-farm is negligible, the result of effective quarantine drenching. This means that ongoing drenching for these animals is unlikely as pasture contamination will be low or non-existent.

So when buying cattle, consider what product will slow down the chances of drench resistance being brought on-farm and how to administer it. Use Zolvix™ Plus on cattle above 100kg to assist in preventing drench resistance.

Ben Waipouri – South Island Grazing Operations Manager, ANZCO Foods

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