At ANZCO Foods, we’re more than just a beef and lamb company.

We’re really a nutrition and good health company, dedicated to delivering exceptional nutrition and promoting good health through the consumption of New Zealand's finest beef and lamb.


A powerhouse of goodness

ANZCO Foods beef and lamb serves as a 'power pack' of essential nutrients that contribute to optimal health as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle. The quality of protein, zinc, B12 and iron that only beef and lamb provide, plays an important part of everyday nutrition.

Benefits of beef and lamb

ANZCO Foods Beef & Lamb

The natural goodness of beef and lamb created by New Zealand’s world leading farmers will always play an important part in the lives of families and communities across the country and globe.

We are lucky to have one of mother nature’s superfoods being produced at such a high standard right here in our back yard. 

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