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We're the IRON in IRONMAN New Zealand

The oldest IRONMAN race in the world outside of Kona, Hawaii, IRONMAN New Zealand in Taupō will host its 40th edition in 2024 - and for the first time in 40 years, the baton has been passed to ANZCO Foods as the title partner of this iconic event.

“Fueling your body with quality beef and lamb is really important when training and competing in IRONMAN.”

Braden Currie

IRONMAN competitor and ANZCO Foods Ambassador

Our ambassadors

As part of our sponsorship of Nutri-Grain IRONMAN New Zealand, we’re proud to partner with ANZCO Foods ambassadors – the incredibly talented Braden Currie and Hannah Berry.


Why ANZCO Foods and IRONMAN?

The purpose of this sponsorship is to bring nutrition and good health from New Zealand’s finest beef and lamb to all Kiwis.

Our team of 3000 employees at ANZCO Foods are focused every day on providing New Zealanders with the highest quality nutrition nature can provide, sourced from one of Mother Nature’s greatest superfoods - New Zealand’s finest beef and lamb.

Beef and lamb are the ultimate sources of protein with unparalleled levels of B12, zinc and iron - all essential for athletes and everyday Kiwis to function at their best.

Podcast - Nutrition Mission with ANZCO Foods

ANZCO Foods has launched a new podcast series. Our first season is called 'Beef, Lamb and IRONMAN' hosted by Cameron Harper, covering all things IRONMAN from the start to the finish line. 

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"For endurance athletes protein is essential for energy and recovery, but iron, zinc and B12 are also very important – and I can get all of that from lean beef and lamb."

Hannah Berry

IRONMAN competitor and ANZCO Foods Ambassador

IRONMAN Insights

Keep up to date with what's happening between IRONMAN New Zealand and ANZCO Foods as we bring nutrition and good health from New Zealand's finest beef and lamb.

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Nutrition and good health tips

Understand the impacts of red meat with nutritional, health and wellbeing tips, and how ANZCO Foods is putting the iron back in IRONMAN.....and the protein, B6, B12 and zinc.

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Fuel up! Listen, read, eat...

LISTEN - Podcast series

Listen to our podcast 'Nutrition Mission with ANZCO Foods', covering all things IRONMAN from the start to the finish line and to get the inside scoop from the Tokomanawa Queens. Check it out and follow us on your favorite podcast app.


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Read the latest editorials where we interview elite athletes, leading nutritionists, coaches, and physiotherapists. They share their journeys, highs and lows, perspectives, and aspirations for the future.


EAT - Beef and lamb recipes

From beef sirloin with chimichurri to roast leg of lamb with fennel and crispy roast potatoes, we've got some nutrient-rich mouth-watering recipes that can provide the energy boost you need to power through your day.