Premium New Zealand Lamb

Generations of New Zealand farmers have perfected the raising of quality, healthy, lean and nutritious lamb.

Working with nature, the perfect environment of luscious green pastures, fresh clean water and a temperate climate, our farmers also have stringent quality control and animal welfare procedures that ensures that the lamb you enjoy has a distinctive flavour and delicate texture.

It’s an eating experience that’s quite simply second-to-none.

Our Lamb Brands


Maimoa Lamb is hand-picked for maximum tenderness and succulence. All cuts are expertly packaged and then aged, to give you the very best of New Zealand lamb on a plate.

Maimoa Lamb Website


New Zealand’s Canterbury region has long been one of the country’s best lamb-producing regions, thanks to its unique soils, climate and farming expertise. Canterbury Lamb has a full flavour and fine texture.

Canterbury Lamb Website

Other New Zealand lamb products

As well as our premium lamb products and cuts, we produce many other products from sheep. These include offals (fancy meats), pelts, skins, casings, wool, rendered products including tallow, meat and bone meal and blood meal.

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Meet the team behind our New Zealand beef and lamb

Our premium New Zealand beef and lamb reaches your plate thanks to the hard work and talents of our farmers and beef experts. Buy with confidence, knowing they deliver only the very best.

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