Convenient meal solutions

We want to guarantee you great dining experiences - whether you’re eating out or cooking at home. Inspired by the great restaurants and chefs we supply and the great customers we serve, we’ve taken our expertise and applied it to making delicious, convenient and truly exceptional products.

Angel Bay Gourmet Patties & Canapes

Angel Bay is our range of New Zealand made homestyle products that are succulent, mouth-wateringly good and packed full of flavour.

Angel Bay for Food Service

When time is at a premium and high standards of quality need to be met, Angel Bay provides the perfect solution. Our broad range of quick to cook, easy to prepare products are designed to give busy chefs more ways to delight diners.

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Angel Bay at Home

Our Angel Bay range is designed so that when you serve our products, your family and friends will be convinced you’ve made them from scratch. Based on a home-style recipe, they've got an authentic look and flavour.

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Meet some of our team

Our delicious and convenient meal solutions reach your kitchen thanks to the skill and care of our team. When you prepare something they’ve helped produce, you know you’re serving up the very best.

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