ANZCO Foods Supplier Code of Conduct


ANZCO Foods Limited (“ANZCO”) is New Zealand’s fifth largest exporter, bringing nutrition and good health to the world from New Zealand’s finest beef and lamb.

We are committed to sustainable and inclusive procurement and have a Business Code of Conduct outlining to our customers and suppliers how we’ll operate.

ANZCO’s Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have of our suppliers. This document applies to suppliers’ parent companies, affiliates and subsidiaries and we also expect that suppliers make their subcontractors aware of this Code. In this Code, “ANZCO” includes all members of the ANZCO group.

The principles in this Code align with ANZCO’s Business Code of Conduct and will be reviewed and updated as required. The latest version of this Supplier Code of Conduct is available on our website:

ANZCO will give preference to suppliers who share our commitment and our approach to conducting business. We expect suppliers (including all related entities and sub-contractors of suppliers) to meet the principles set out in this Code or, in our discretion, have established a clear goal and an action plan towards meeting the principles.

Supplier compliance with this Code is intended to be a requirement of every ANZCO contract for supply. However, the expectations set out in this Code are in addition to, and not in substitution for, the provisions of any binding legal contract between ANZCO and the Supplier. Subject to the terms of the relevant contract, ANZCO may suspend or cancel any contract, or stop working, with suppliers who don’t align with the Code, or where any activities could result in reputational damage to ANZCO or its brands.

ANZCO may monitor, verify and validate a supplier’s compliance with this Code from time to time, including through site and facility inspections. Suppliers must maintain and be able to provide ANZCO with reasonable evidence of compliance with this Code promptly on request.

Labour and human rights

ANZCO expects suppliers to:

  • Adhere to international human rights standards in their workplace, and monitor and address these standards within their supply chain
  • Comply with applicable local and/or national employment laws and maintain a workplace that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment or any practices relating to forced, compulsory or involuntary labour

Health and safety

We expect our suppliers to:

  • Comply with workplace health and safety laws and regulations, to maintain healthy and safe work environments and to ensure the safety and quality of all products and service supplied to ANZCO
  • While at any ANZCO premises, comply with our pre-qualification process and our health and safety audits, policies and requirements, including ANZCO’s drug and alcohol policy

Information security

We expect our suppliers to:

  • Comply with any security requirements we notify them of
  • Adequately protect any information, assets, tools and materials we provide, and return these promptly
  • Comply with all applicable laws and good practice regarding privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property protection

Environmental sustainability

We encourage suppliers to establish environmentally responsible business practices and proactively improve their environmental performance.

We expect our suppliers to:

  • Conduct their business in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and standards regarding the mitigation of impacts on, and the protection and preservation of, the environment
  • Work to improve their environmental sustainability and reduce their environmental impacts
  • Establish transparency and traceability within all levels of the supply chain and be willing to share relevant information and data with ANZCO to help us monitor and report on our climate change and sustainability targets

Animal welfare

ANZCO actively supports the uptake and extension of the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme across our farmer supplier base and requires all suppliers who handle animals to:

  • Adhere to the same high animal welfare standards in ANZCO’s animal welfare policy available at
  • Treat animals with respect in accordance with all laws and regulations and codes of practice
  • Cooperate with any investigation carried out by ANZCO where a supplier or service provider is believed to have not met ANZCO’s animal welfare requirements

Ethical behaviour

We expect our suppliers to:

  • Manage their activities and conduct themselves with integrity and in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards
  • Not engage in any form of corruption, including bribery, extortion, money laundering or other illegal, unethical or anti-competitive activities
  • Be transparent and accurate with their financial and business records
  • Not make any direct or indirect payments or provide any benefits or things of value, including bribes, kickbacks or other promises of payments to foreign government officials or other persons for the purpose of inducing the individual to misuse their position to obtain or retain business, receive improper benefits or other unfair or improper advantage
  • Disclose any actual, perceived, or potential conflict of interest to ANZCO, including any employee or contractor of ANZCO who may have an interest or economic tie of any kind in the supplier’s business

Corporate social responsibility

We encourage our suppliers to be good corporate citizens and contribute positively to our communities.

Some things suppliers could do are:

  • Pay subcontractors promptly
  • Manage the social impacts of their activities carefully and enhance the benefits to local communities
  • Respect their neighbours and contribute to the societies in which they operate