Working at ANZCO

If you're looking for career diversity, new challenges and opportunities for advancement ANZCO offers great prospects. Whether it’s as part of our processing teams or in our corporate team, from knife handlers to food technologists; accountants to health and safety advisors; engineers to sales executives or livestock reps, ANZCO has a diverse range of opportunities for growth and development.

We’re a team of around 3,000 people, and a leader in the agricultural industry. We pride ourselves on creating a great working atmosphere where our people back each other and are inspired to make every day count. We strive to offer a safe place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Meet our people

Leith Skelsey

Administration Manager, ANZCO Foods Canterbury

I enjoy the people I get to work with, the challenges put in front of me daily and the opportunities to grow as a person and in my career.

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Steve Dickie

Head of Foodservice

There are several things that make my role enjoyable: the people I work with, my team and others around me; the fact that no two days are the same; and my ability to be able to make decisions and know I have the support from others.

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Amber Kururangi

Supervisor Lamb Further Processing

The things I enjoy most about my role are the daily challenges - no two days are ever the same – and the people I work with and get to meet.

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Jason King

Lamb Production Planner

have a personal drive to always grow and develop myself. I enjoy seeing the improvements in the cutting systems and the changes in the market dynamics, and this pushes me to move with the growth of the industry.

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Jessica Sheehan

Receptionist and Site Manager support

I started work with ANZCO as a packer three years ago. I grew to love the company and its values and decided I’d like to expand my career within the business. After two years in the processing room I was given the opportunity to move into the site’s main office.

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John Moses

Knife Training Co-ordinator

I'm passionate about showing people how to use the equipment they are given correctly and safely.   

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Ross Breach


I enjoy being part of a great team and seeing what we can achieve in challenging situations. I want to see the meat industry succeed and I enjoy being part of that.

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Dr Jenny Scotter

Biotissues Project Manager

This is a field that we have developed at ANZCO over the last nine years or so. We are a globally accepted top-tier supplier into the industry – our customers are recommending us to other customers. That’s been personally very rewarding to see.

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Iain Boyd

Head of ICT

I’m passionate about enabling our people to do their best every day. ANZCO creates some of the most nutritious products in the world and I’m proud to assist with delivering a bit of New Zealand to the 80+ countries we export to.  

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Chad Tangata

Leading Hand

I enjoy being able to work as part of a great team of people.

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“I’ve had great support from supervisors, managers and our on-site training advisor who have helped me upskill and try new things.”
John Moses, Knife Training Co-ordinator

“I enjoy being able to work as part of a great team of people.”
Chad Tangata, Leading Hand

 “The meat industry attracts great people. I've had some great opportunities at ANZCO and enjoy being able to be involved in different areas of the business.”
Iain Boyd, Head of ICT

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Looking to make a difference and challenge yourself? Passionate about our industry and want to join an industry leader? Think you've got a strong skill set that will set you apart?

If you want career diversity and opportunities for advancement then ANZCO is the place for you. We pride ourselves on creating a great working atmosphere and being a fair employer.

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