Jason King

Lamb Production Planner

I enjoy the dynamic environment in which ANZCO operates, both within our plants and in the global market place. This continues to push me to keep challenging myself and grow with the industry.

I began working at ANZCO as a Knife Hand 18 years ago. Since then I have had a variety of roles including Team Leader, Supervisor, and Lamb Production Planner. ANZCO has given me many opportunities to grow, develop my leadership skills and build the confidence to move forward in my career.

My current role is focused on developing the cutting plans for the three shifts at ANZCO Foods Canterbury so we can fill our weekly market orders. I enjoy the daily challenge of trying to piece together a plan that works from both a production perspective as well as meeting the needs of the wider business and ultimately our customers. It also means I get the opportunity to work with a range of people across the business, from the lamb processing team and supervisors through to the sales and marketing team based in Christchurch.

ANZCO recently introduced robotics to improve production efficiencies and are always looking at ways of developing new products, highlighting how important innovation is for the company’s future success.