New Zealand on a plate – our ANZCO lamb is world renowned due to its distinctive flavour and palatability - the result of being naturally raised on abundant fresh green pastures.

This combined with our geographical isolation and a coastline that offers natural border protection, is a unique selling point where country of origin and a guarantee of quality - from farm gate to plate - are essential ingredients in the buying decision.

Maori Lakes


Maori Lakes is one of the hidden treasures of the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. Fed by mountain springs, the sparkling lakes are named after the local Maori people who have traditionally fished them.

Maori Lakes lamb reflects those qualities of purity - raised free-range, living the way nature intended.

Available year round, Maori Lakes graces the finest dining tables of the world, and is internationally sought after for its stunning flavour and freshness.


Longdown Lamb


Longdown lamb is bred exclusively for you, by two dozen dedicated New Zealand farmers. Their mission is to produce truly sensational lamb with unparalleled quality and taste, grazing contentedly while treading lightly on the planet. This tender, exquisite lamb is nurtured just as nature intended.

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Kumanu Lamb


Like all good food, lamb reflects the way it has been grown.

The taste and texture of superb lamb isn't arrived at by chance. It requires hard work and care by the farmers who raise it to deliver a memorable experience to your plate.

Kumanu is about a dedication to quality you can sense from the first bite, a feeling that you're enjoying the finest lamb in the world raised by people who've spared no effort in bringing it to you.

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For over 100 years the Canterbury region of New Zealand, has been the source of some of the world’s finest agriculture. Fertile plains, a temperate climate, and generations of dedicated farmers make the region a natural food bowl.

Canterbury lamb is a natural fulfilment of a promise, that begins with New Zealand’s dew-covered pastures and ends with consistently delicious lamb and a reliable and honest eating experience.

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Other Products


In addition to its branded lamb products, ANZCO produces mutton and a large number of other products from sheepmeat including:

  • Offals (Fancy Meats)
  • Co-Products
    • Pelts
    • Skins
    • Casings
    • Wool
    • Rendered products including tallow, meat and bone meal and blood meal

For more details about these products or to discuss a tailor-made solution to meet your individual customer requirements please click here.