Premium New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand has consistently ranked among the world's top producers of lamb, thanks to the unique combination of fertile soils, favourable climate, and unparalleled farming expertise. These factors create the perfect conditions for cultivating lamb that is not only of the highest quality but also rich in nutrition, a full flavour and fine texture. 

Generations of New Zealand farmers have perfected the raising of quality, healthy, lean and nutritious lamb.

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ANZCO Foods New Zealand Lamb

Lush green pastures, clean water, and a temperate climate - our farmers implement stringent quality and animal welfare procedures, ensuring distinctive flavour and delicate texture. Our cuts deliver the very best of New Zealand lamb to your plate.

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Maimoa by ANZCO Foods

Maimoa lamb is nurtured by our farmers, handpicked and curated by our experts, and aged for tenderness. From our hands — to the hands of chefs, who meticulously prepare delicious plates of food for our customers on the other side of the world.