Pioneering healthcare solutions beyond the plate

You may know us for our exceptional food products, but we know that quality beef and lamb can do a lot of other good too. That’s why we’re pioneering innovative healthcare solutions that are being used around the globe to enhance and save lives.

Truly reliable traceability

We understand we are the first component in our customer’s supply chain. The level of vertical integration from the farm to our customer means ANZCO Healthcare can deliver superior traceability.

Consistent safety and quality

New Zealand is the world’s safest source of animal products, thanks to our stringent animal health regulations and geographic isolation.

NZ Government declarations

Our traceability system is backed up by the New Zealand Government NAIT programme and animal status declarations made by each farmer for every lot of animals processed.

Our facilities and technology

  • Our facilities have been developed through a supply chain process that we are confident in delivering from.
  • We support our manufactured goods with research and development and quality control testing both in-house and outsourced.


Priority quality control

  • We prioritise strict quality control and compliance
  • Our facilities which produce material for healthcare are EU and USDA/FDA certified
  • We manufacture to ISO13485 quality standard
  • We have ISO22442-2 accreditation and EDQM registrations for our bio-materials
  • We meet regulatory and quality requirements of many countries, governments, certifying bodies, and clients’ specific Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and industry needs.

ANZCO Bioscience

ANZCO Bioscience has facilities in Hamilton (NZ) and Brisbane and Melbourne (AU). Our team is dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and supply of high-quality animal serums, purified animal proteins and other specialty biotech products.

We manufacture animal derived serums and blood proteins for global customers in the biotech sector under the Bovogen and Moregate brands.

Our customer footprint covers five continents and incorporates more than 45 countries worldwide. With the continued growth and global demand for Bovogen and Moregate products, we regard this as testament and recognition of our internationally recognised and accredited manufacturing standards, outstanding product quality and highly valued customer service.

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Our healthcare products

We offer a variety of blood and bio-tissue products and materials.


Steve Cartwright

As the Business Manager of Healthcare, Steve holds the pivotal role of steering the strategic direction and fostering the continuous growth and development of our healthcare division. With an impressive tenure of 15 years at ANZCO Foods and over 30 years of experience in the meat industry, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge. His extensive background encompasses roles in technical, manufacturing, production management, marketing & sales, and general management, making him a seasoned expert in the industry.

People choose to work with us because of our product excellence and the calibre of the team.

We provide:

- Expert knowledge and understanding of your industry's needs.
- Partnership approach and long-term supply arrangements with individual customers.
- Scientific integrity, technical capability and commercial experience.
- Security and traceability of raw material.
- A level of audit control not available from other suppliers.