Premium New Zealand Beef

We pride ourselves on producing the finest beef with exceptional taste, and quality, providing essential nutrients for your health and wellbeing. When you pick ANZCO Foods beef you pick the best New Zealand has to offer.

Grass-fed New Zealand beef

ANZCO Foods sources the majority of its finest beef from grass-fed cattle, benefitting from our country’s extensive pastures and favourable climate. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our brands, including ANZCO Foods New Zealand Beef, celebrated globally for its exceptional taste, texture, and nutritional quality. Explore the exquisite Greenstone Creek hand-selected and delicately aged beef, and Stony River Black Angus, an exceptional New Zealand Black Angus committed to small-scale production for mouth-watering flavour.

Our grass-fed beef brands

ANZCO Foods New Zealand Beef

New Zealand beef is famous around the world for its taste, texture and nutritional quality. Our lush green pastures, temperate climate and strong farming heritage ensures that when you pick ANZCO Foods New Zealand Beef, you're picking the best.

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Greenstone Creek by ANZCO Foods

We select only the finest cuts beef to wear the Greenstone Creek name. From lush green pasture to expert hand-selection and delicate aging for 21 days, it’s beef that’s beautifully-marbled, mouth-wateringly tender, and full of rich, natural flavour.


Stony River Black Angus by ANZCO Foods

Stony River is exceptional grass-fed New Zealand Black Angus, committed to small-scale production to protect its purity and taste. Our goal is to make Stony River Black Angus the mouth-watering centre piece of any meal – the true beef-lovers beef.


Grain-finished New Zealand beef

Hand-picked for excellence, only the finest cattle begin with 18 months of grass feeding on pristine pastures and undergo 135 days of grain finishing, resulting in a distinctive marbling and tenderness. Our blend of grass-fed and locally grown grain ensures a culinary experience that reflects ANZCO Food’s commitment to supreme taste and quality. Learn more about ANZCO Foods grain-finished beef brand below.

Grain Finished New Zealand Beef

Ocean Beef
by ANZCO Foods

Ocean Beef is born from the unique natural environment of Canterbury, New Zealand. As our cattle mature, the finest are hand-picked for grain finishing. This unique blend of a grass-fed to grain-finished diet lends to unmistakable marbling & melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.