Convenient meal solutions

Combining our finest beef and lamb with the demand for convenience, ANZCO Foods offers fast, tasty and nutritious meal solutions for both our food service and retail customers.

We’re committed to ensuring exceptional dining experiences for you, whether you're dining out or cooking at home.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned restaurants and chefs 
we serve, as well as the valued customers we cater to, we have harnessed our expertise to create delicious, convenient, and 
truly exceptional products.

Angel Bay

Angel Bay is our range of homestyle products crafted in New Zealand. These offerings are not only succulent and mouth-wateringly good but also bursting with rich flavour.

Infusing authentic flavours into every kitchen

Angel Bay at home

Our Angel Bay range is crafted so that when you serve our products, your family and friends will be convinced you’ve made them from scratch. Rooted in a homestyle recipe, our products boast an authentic appearance and flavour.


Angel Bay for food service

If time is limited, and quality is essential, Angel Bay provides the ideal solution. Our extensive selection of quick-to-cook, easy-to-prepare products are tailored to offer busy chefs a versatile range, providing even more ways to delight diners.


Angel Bay Australia

Catering to the Australian food service industry, our gourmet beef and lamb products are not only renowned for their taste, but are quick to cook, easy to prepare, and minimise wastage. These products are ideal for busy or knife-less kitchens.


ANZCO Foods 100% Beef Burger Patties

Developed with food service in mind,
our new ‘raw-frozen’ beef patties will make sure you have delicious, tasty, tender and juicy burger patties at your fingertips.

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