Jenny Scotter

Biotissues Project Manager

Working in the healthcare division has been very rewarding.  I enjoy the variety in my job and am motivated by seeing our products being used to save and improve lives.

The healthcare division at ANZCO has developed over the last nine years and we are now a globally accepted top-tier supplier into the industry.

I manage the biotissues area for ANZCO. Biotissues are biological materials from cattle, that are processed and then used in surgical procedures in humans. An example is the pericardium, which is a tough membrane that surrounds the heart. We collect this from cattle, process it in a variety of ways and then sell it to companies around the world who use it in surgery to replace people’s failing heart valves, as well as in brain surgery and other applications.

I love the variety that is part of my job – from working with customers and technical experts through to our processing teams.  It’s great to be able to involve other people from the ANZCO group and share what I think is a really exciting thing to do and be involved with.

I come from a background that you wouldn’t normally associate with the meat industry – I have a PhD in medical research and have worked in business development in the medical devices industry. Starting with ANZCO was a really steep learning curve, with so much to learn about a completely new industry. I’ve learned a huge amount about teamwork, and how to get people from all different parts of the business to work together to get the job done. I think those learnings and skills would be transferrable to almost any industry or business.  

While we all work hard to achieve our goals, I also appreciate that my team and the people I work with across the wider business are always ready for a laugh and to see the lighter side of things too.