Livestock transport – ASD and time off feed records for lamb

Posted on Wednesday, 27 September 2023

When sending lambs to the processor, it is an industry expectation the time off feed and time loaded for transport are recorded on the ASD documentation.

This information is paramount to our market access into the EU and UK.

Having records for time off feed and time loaded for transport are part of the NZFAP standards for livestock transport off farm. For more detail on the requirements for Livestock Transport refer to 7.3 in the NZFAP Standard.

To make this process easier, ANZCO strongly encourages our suppliers to sign up to using the electronic ASD system via MyOspri.

Please note that from September 1 – if these records have not been completed; there will be a deduction from your processor proceeds which covers us not being able to access the EU and UK markets.

For any questions around this subject or help with using the MyOpsri eASD; please reach out to us via

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