Getting audit ready

Posted on Thursday, 15 September 2022

Farmers who have an upcoming farm assurance audit need to understand the programme standard “and the benefits of the scheme in terms of food safety, process improvement and customer access” according to the AQ checklist in the NZFAP Programme.

Audits typically take place every three years for those already inducted into the NZFAP programme. The associated programme or standard can be provided by your local ANZCO Livestock Rep.

In each programme there is a checklist to help you complete the audit and the information you need depends on the type of audit you are completing.

Compiling all the information before your audit can reduce the time the audit takes as well as helping to achieve the certification. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • Copy of associated programmes and standards
  • Traceability records
  • Receipts for stock feeds
  • Animal remedy inventory and treatment records
  • Agrichemical inventory and register
  • Staff training records
  • Animal health plans
  • Livestock mortality records
  • A completed pre-audit farm check of facilities, ramps, water, kennels, storage areas and disposal, shades, and shelters.

If you do receive a non-conformance on your audit, the auditor will advise what you need to do to pass the audit and the timeline that you need to complete this by. The most common non-conformances are:

  • Agrichemical and animal remedy storage, signage, and locks
  • Animal health plans
  • Loading ramp and facility repairs such as sheds and yards

If you’d like help booking your audits or resources to help you prepare for your audits, please contact Erika and Valerie in ANZCO’s compliance team by emailing

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