Greenstone Creek ribeye wins gold at World Steak Challenge

Posted on Tuesday, 16 November 2021

The taste and tenderness of ANZCO Foods’ Greenstone Creek ribeye were recognised with a gold medal at the World Steak Challenge in Dublin last week.

Hundreds of beef suppliers from around the world had their finest products judged by an independent panel of chefs and experts at the prestigious event.

We are thrilled to have this premium product recognised for its special qualities. Greenstone Creek is hand-selected by master graders at our Eltham site who ensure only the best goes into a Greenstone Creek bag. Every Greenstone Creek product is then aged for 21 days resulting in meat that’s beautifully marbled and tender.

Greenstone Creek is featured at 23 top New Zealand restaurants and we’re sure the award will heighten interest in the premium range.

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