Help design the harm out of farming!

Posted on Thursday, 16 November 2023

In previous updates, we’ve mentioned the importance of the work Safer Farms is doing with its Farm Without Harm strategy, so we’re keen to highlight two Agri Think Tank workshops in Dunsandel and Palmerston North next week.

When Safer Farms launched the Farm Without Harm strategy a few months ago, four priority harm areas were identified to get closer to the mission of everyday farming people protecting each other from preventable harm.

They are calling on members and the farming community to help address and improve psychosocial harm as it relates to mental health, stress, and workplace environment.

These two free in-person events are run by Safer Farms and Farmstrong, and will be led by Dr. Hillary Bennett.

These think tanks will explore ways to protect farmworkers against harm through the design of better farm work or systems.

Data shows that diminished wellbeing can be a leading cause of harm on farms.  A range of factors affects whether we thrive or just survive. These can relate to how work on farms is organised, resourced, managed, and the social interactions and relationships between people on the farm.

These complex challenges can’t be solved alone. That's why the sector is being called on to come together in a safe environment to help each other – farmers helping farmers.

Insights and knowledge from these gatherings will help inform an action plan to improve diminished wellbeing and preventable harm on farms.

Light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

South Island event information and registrations for the event on Tuesday 21 November.

North Island event information and registrations for more information and to register for the North Island event on Thursday 23 November.

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