MyOSPRI – replacing eASDs

Posted on Monday, 18 July 2022

From Monday 25 July 2022, OSPRI is replacing electronic Animal Status Declarations (eASDs) with MyOSPRI and from this date you’ll need to use MyOSPRI to have your animals processed at our plants.

Signing up to MyOSPRI is easy. OSPRI will send you a link, and all you’ll need to do is use your current eASD email address and set a new password.

All your historic eASDs will be moved over to MyOSPRI.

You’ll have 14 days from MyOSPRI going live to edit or cancel ASDs you already have underway before the old eASD system and its app is retired.

For easy access, you can save MyOSPRI to your desktop or phone home page, much like an app. Watch this video for a step-by-step guide. 

Using MyOSPRI for electronic ASDs means you’ll not only reduce on-farm admin but recording data online makes it easier to trace animals, and a reliable animal tracing system plays a vital role in limiting the impact of a disease outbreak and maintaining market access.

MyOSPRI is an electronic solution for cattle, deer, and sheep ASDs. You can also send farm-to-farm ASDs in MyOSPRI. Paper ASDs are not being replaced; you can still use them.

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