ANZCO Foods CEO update - April 2022

Posted on Wednesday, 13 April 2022

The impact of Omicron on our processing sites is lessening and our capacity is starting to return to more normal levels. While this is good news, we do still have a backlog of stock waiting to be processed, and we ask for your continued patience as we work through this period. Please be as planned as possible during this time and stay in touch with your livestock representative regarding available capacity.

ANZCO acquisition extends healthcare capacity

I’m pleased to announce that ANZCO has entered into an agreement to acquire a globally recognised biotechnology business, Moregate Biotech, further strengthening our capacity in the healthcare industry.

Moregate Biotech is a well-established business based in Brisbane and Hamilton manufacturing high quality Australian- and New Zealand-sourced animal sera, animal proteins, enzymes, and specialty products used in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, veterinary, vaccine, biotechnology, research, and nutritional industries.

This is a significant development for ANZCO as well as a demonstration of the company’s strategy to grow and differentiate in New Zealand’s red meat sector by adding value.

The acquisition will complement ANZCO’s existing biotech business Bovogen Biologicals based in Melbourne and reinforces the company’s value add strategy.

Peter Conley
ANZCO Foods Chief Executive

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