ANZCO Foods CEO update

Posted on Wednesday, 9 March 2022

By now Omicron’s impact on businesses and supply chains across the country will be a familiar story to you.  

With multiple sites across the country, ANZCO Foods is now starting to see the impact of Omicron in our business. We continue to organise our operations to best manage the impact and are working closely with employees, farmer suppliers, and supply chain partners to endeavour to continue to meet farmers’ processing requirements and customers’ needs.

As ANZCO works through the disruption Omicron is creating within our business and communities, it means we are unable to offer autumn contracts right now. We encourage you to stay in touch with your livestock representative and look to having contingency plans in place. ANZCO Foods will offer contracts in the future when we can.

NZ-UK Free Trade Agreement

The recently signed Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and the UK provides a significant boost for New Zealand farmers and exporters – with beef and lamb eventually having quota- and tariff-free access into the UK for the first time in decades.

ANZCO Foods already has a strong lamb position in the UK and we see this agreement providing us with opportunities to open doors in the beef and value-add meat products areas. This approach fits with our global market diversification strategy.

Stay safe and take care.

Peter Conley
Chief Executive

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