Real-time shipment tracking saves time and money

Posted on Thursday, 2 November 2023 under ANZCO Stories

In the world of shipping and logistics, companies around the world often struggle to get real-time information on how their shipments are progressing across the global network.

Ninety per cent of the world’s trade is by sea, but information about sea freight can be a black hole for all businesses, with these challenges contributing to an estimated $23B in extra costs globally.

As one of New Zealand’s largest exporters ANZCO Foods is always looking for opportunities to get more certainty and visibility around where full and empty containers are, or when they leave point C to point D, the absence of which can mean extended delays and higher costs.

An innovative software tool, called Bolster, that updates hourly across thousands of shipments transiting dozens of global ports, is saving ANZCO Foods the effort of manually updating shipment statuses and providing an accurate picture of what’s really occurring.  

Bolster’s software can easily dig into the dozens of individual logistics events that compose a shipment, whether they’re historic or planned, allowing ANZCO Foods’ operations team to cross-check based on high-resolution data.

“Before Bolster, our team often had to manually piece together all this information across several platforms. Not only was it costly, but it wasn’t a good use of time,” says Brent Falvey, Head of Logistics at ANZCO Foods.

“Having an easy software solution that saves time and money, while providing real-time visibility means our logistics and shipping teams can focus on moving our product to market as soon as possible.

“Ultimately, enabling this new software saves money, time and fees, with the return on investment to ANZCO Foods being easily measurable,” says Brent.

Bolster Co-Founder and CEO Guy Phillips says Bolster is poised to make waves in sea freight intelligence.

“Bolster's groundbreaking platform fuses cutting-edge technologies with machine learning, enabling it to deliver precise artificial intelligence outputs tailored to the needs of its customers. Data gaps and regular unforeseen disruptions are daily occurrences in supply chain logistics. The data captured by Bolster provides companies with the information needed to make the most informed and strategic decisions that align with the evolving demands of the modern shipping industry,” says Guy.

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